79th Annual Fort Bend County Fair and Rodeo "The Tradition Lives On"
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Going Green

"Going Green"
You may have noticed that The Fort Bend County Fair has been "GOING GREEN" since 2010. 

The Fort Bend County Fair Association has for several years put into practice different environmentally friendly procedures which include:
  • Partnering with REPUBLIC SERVICES - our Recycling Sponsor
  • Recycling bins placed throughout the fair grounds
  • Collecting and returning cans and bottles for funds towards our scholarship program
  • Compost and Mulch used for the gardens around the fair office and grounds
  • Recycling: wood shavings, paper, cardboard, cooking oil, manure, animal bedding, glass, plastic, aluminum and other scrap metal
  • Educate the public and our patrons on the importance of "GOING GREEN"

The Fort Bend County Fair Association has and will continue to develop more plans for becoming environmentally friendly.  When you visit the fair grounds, please remember that recycling is everyone's responsibility. 

Thank you Republic Services for your continued support and guidance in this area.