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Your (our) money goes back into the community.

DEADLINE, Friday, January 27, 2017

NOTE: The link above is to the electronic (Adobe Acrobat - PDF) copy of the scholarship application. A hard copy (non-electronic version) of this form is available at the Fort Bend County Fair Association office during regular business hours. Please contact us for additional information.


  • Deadline for entry -- Last Friday in January (postmarked).
  • All information requested on your application must be completed or your application may be rejected
  • If you need help or have questions about your application you may call the Fair Office at 281-342-6171 for clarification prior to the entry deadline.

Proceeds from the 2016 Fort Bend County Fair and the Fort Bend County Fair Life Membership Fund will provide $4,000 scholarships to 42 Fort Bend County qualifying students. In addition, four Fort Bend County Fair Queen Scholarships were awarded. Since 1979, the Fort Bend County Fair has awarded 781 scholarships to students.


Fort Bend County School District

On behalf of the students, staff and Board of Trustees of the Fort Bend Independent School District, please accept my sincerest appreciation for the dedicated leaders of the Fort Bend County Fair Association who supports Fort Bend ISD students through the numerous fair and educational programs.

As we consider the many benefits provided through co-curricular programs, such as leadership development and team building, we thank you for supporting our students as they exhibit their animals, participate in contests and competitions, and receive scholarships for Texas colleges and universities. We are grateful for the resources and volunteer hours provided by our community, as we all work together to forge a bright and promising future for our children.

We encourage you to continue to support youth education as you have for more than seven decades. Your continued support means a great deal to our students, and we thank you.

Timothy R. Jenney, Ph.D.
Superintendent, Fort Bend ISD
Lamar Consolidated Independent School District

“Extracurricular programs such as FFA promote and enhance the academic achievements of our students in Lamar CISD. Participation in extracurricular programs is a key element in guiding students to achieve their full potential in future social, economic and educational opportunities. Through involvement in FFA programs, students are encouraged to participate, learn, practice, compete and be the best they can be. The Fort Bend County Fair Association student programs support and assist students in the complicated process of becoming a contributing member of our community. As a former FFA member, I know that involvement with county fair shows and competition helps students develop individual skills, winning attitudes, good sportsmanship and character attributes that are valuable throughout their lives.”

“We give our whole-hearted thanks to the leaders of the Fort Bend County Fair Association for their dedication and donation of personal time to support the many fair programs that involve LCISD students. The Fort Bend County Fair Association scholarships provide an avenue for the achievement of higher educational goals. Without these scholarship dollars, college funding is not possible for many of our students.”

Dr. Thomas Randle,
Superintendent, Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
Needville ISD

On behalf of the Needville Independent School District we want to say “THANK YOU” to the past, present and future leaders and volunteers of the Fort Bend County Fair Association. The community of Needville prides itself on its rich agrarian heritage and active involvement with the Fort Bend County Fair. Through FFA, Junior FFA and 4-H programs, our children and young adults learn “life-lessons” including discipline, responsibility and hard work.

The scholarship opportunities and auction creates an opportunity for students to follow their dream and attend college after high school. The Needville Independent School District encourages continued support to the Fort Bend County Fair Association in an effort to “Brighten the Future” for students in Fort Bend County.

Curtis Rhodes
Superintendent of Schools, Needville ISD
Stafford Municipal School

Stafford Municipal School district is grateful to be a part of the Fort Bend County Fair Association's Annual Fair. Our students' participation in the many offerings of the County Fair serves as valuable lessons outside the typical classroom settings. SMSD's FFA program is successful due in no small part to the members' involvement in the Fort Bend County Fair.

As with all endeavors and opportunities we offer our students, SMSD wants all students to gain life-long and sustaining skills that will enable them to become an active, participating member of our society.

Thank you, Fort Bend County Fair Association, for providing these skills through your program.

H.D. Chambers
Superintendent, Stafford Municipal School District
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